CleanAF - Car Valeting Bromsgrove


This package is exactly what is says, it’s a complete overhaul of your vehicle from interior to exterior.


Interior Is Hoovered thoroughly.

All plastics such as door cards, and dash are cleaned.

Removable carpets are steam cleaned and shampooed/ Rubber matts cleaned.

Fabric Seats Seats Steam Cleaned, Shampooed and Extracted.

All leathers are treated using a dedicated leather cleaner and brushes.

Finished off with a hanging air freshener


Full clean of wheels, including face fronts, barrels, tyres and arches are cleaned and dressed 

Pre wash applied to the vehicle to breakdown the dirt followed by a covering of snow foam to lift and remove grime.

Using detailing brushes and all purpose cleaner, all the edges, gap, badges and door shuts are agitated to lift and remove trapped dirt and rinsed off before the contact wash.

Using two buckets with grit guards and two mitts, we contact wash the vehicle ensuring the safest wash possible finished with a rinse down.

The vehicle is then liquid decontaminated to remove all tar spots and iron particles from the paint work.

A protective sealant is then applied all over that lasts up to 6 months.

The vehicle is then dried using a luxury drying towel/ air blow dryer.

Tyres and trim are then dressed.

Windows Cleaned inside and out.

From £180 – £240