CleanAF - Car Valeting Bromsgrove


Firstly we will wash and decontaminate the entire vehicle, then safely dry it and move the vehicle into the unit ready for the machine polishing work.


The vehicle will under go a heavy cutting stage to remove the deeper defects and scratches, when this is complete we will then move onto the refining stages. This removes the heavy cutting hazing and gives your vehicle deep gloss levels.

After all that work, it requires protection, we include a 8 month durability spray sealant. Upgrade to a longer lasting ceramic coating for an additional fee.

Whilst your exterior is getting a whole new look, don’t forget about you interior! Add our interior Deep clean onto this package for only £75 

Want to add some long lasting protection to your vehicle? Consider adding a ceramic coating to lock in your new paintwork.

3 Year Coating – £140

8 Year Coating – £240

What are the benefits?

– Unbeatable gloss levels for an even shinier looking car.

– Super easy cleaning as the dirt just rinses off the paint.

– Long lasting clean as dirt struggles to cling onto the paint meaning your car stays cleaner for longer.

Time to complete 2-3 days

From £550 – £700